Arizona in the News

We think Arizona is a great place to vacation. But, you don't have to take our word. Read what our media friends and fans have to say about the great places to visit, stay, eat, adventure and relax! 

The Road

Apr 2, 2019

By Yoshihiko Nishiyama in Lamborghini Life Read More

Mayor of the Mother Road

Apr 2, 2019

By Melissa Lawford in BA High Life Read More


Mar 9, 2019

By Patricia Miranda in Reforma De Viaje Read More

Arizona Descubre El Sunset State

Mar 5, 2019

By Pamella Vieyra in Caras Read More

Wild Legends from the Wild West

Jan 2, 2019

By Marck Guttman in Volaris Magazine Read More

Travel in Arizona

Oct 31, 2018

By Catherine Wu in Nexus Read More

L’Arizona, comme au cinéma

Jun 30, 2018

By Sarah Chevalley in Infrarouge Read More

Der Blick von oben ist beeindruckend. Aber wie sieht der Grand Canyon von unten aus?

Jun 23, 2018

By Von Ingo Kramer in Reisen Read More


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