Virtual Reality Allows Viewers to Speed Down Sedona Slickrock, Skydive Over Grand Canyon

Jun 26, 2017

Virtual Reality Allows Viewers to Speed Down Sedona Slickrock, Skydive Over Grand Canyon

The latest tool the Arizona Office of Tourism is using to elevate awareness of Arizona’s tourism assets is virtual reality.

AOT worked with MacGillivray Freeman—the makers of “America Wild: National Parks Adventure, the critically acclaimed IMAX film commemorating last year’s National Park Service’s centennial—to create a pair of VR experiences that are filled with drama and awe, with a touch of narrative storytelling.

The films are set in the Grand Canyon and Sedona, and those locales don’t just serve as a backdrop for the action—they are characters in the story. In the Grand Canyon film, users who put on the VR headset jump out of a plane and into the airspace above one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. The Arizona Office of Tourism is the first entity to create a VR skydiving experience over the Grand Canyon.

In the other film, VR users climb atop a virtual mountain bike and hurtle down singletrack and slickrock in Sedona. In all directions, Sedona’s distinctive geology and a big, blue sky whiz past.

The films debuted in January 2017 in Chicago, at the Cubs Convention and Travel & Adventure Show. This spring, the Arizona VR show will travel to several Cactus League stadiums.

Visitors to Visit Arizona's Facebook page can experience 360-video versions of the films on their mobile devices.

“In the crowded travel marketplace—even the increasingly crowded sub-marketplace of virtual reality—these Grand Canyon and Sedona VR adventures stand out,” said Arizona Office of Tourism Director Debbie Johnson. “We set out to amplify Arizona’s iconic tourism assets through new technology. But, ultimately, it’s the technology that was amplified though the stunning beauty of Arizona’s landscape.”

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