Press Trips Policies

The Arizona Office of Tourism Media Relations Division conducts periodic group media tours, as well as individual press trips, to showcase the many attributes of Arizona. These tours are designed for travel editors, staff writers and qualified freelance travel writers with a letter of assignment from a bona fide travel publication or national general-interest publication with a regular travel section. Qualified freelance contributors without a letter of assignment on publication letterhead will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Typically, we do not include bloggers on press trips.

Each tour has limited space (six to eight journalists depending on the tour) and journalists will be selected from each of our eight major markets, according to the eligibility guidelines outlined above. 

Press Trips Policy

The Arizona Office of Tourism would like to assist you in your editorial, photographic and/or broadcast needs and has prepared these guidelines as a reference for planning a media tour in Arizona.

Prescheduled group tours are offered by the tourism office; however, if a group tour is not sufficient due to timing or areas of interest, the office will assist in creating an individual tour for your needs. Film crews should follow the same guidelines. 

How to Schedule a Press Trip
Please contact the Arizona Office of Tourism in writing at least four weeks prior to arrival.

Include assignment and copies of your most recently published articles, photographs or produced tapes. Assignment should include demographics, circulation and scheduled date of publication or broadcast.

Be specific with your request. Please be prepared with dates of arrival and departure and, if possible, alternate dates. Indicate if you need accommodations, admission to attractions and/or an itinerary. We also need to know whether your travel budget includes costs for any or all of the services that are arranged by our office.

Indicate if your article will include mention of suppliers' services or if it is a destination-only piece.

Finally, please send copies of articles or broadcast tapes as a result of your visit for our file. We will forward a copy to those who assisted you and are featured in your article or broadcast.

Peak Seasons and Permits
Arizona is a popular destination and because of its diversity, it enjoys a "high" season year-round in one or another part of the state. The Office of Tourism is unable to request complimentary accommodations during peak seasons; however, we can request a travel industry rate for you. 

Peak season in the southern half of the state is December through April; in the northern part of Arizona it is May through October.

Permits are required for filming or photo taking in many national parks, national forests, Indian reservations, highways, state parks and trust lands. Allow four to six weeks for permits to be issued. Inquiries regarding filming within Arizona may be forwarded to our office.

We appreciate your interest in experiencing Arizona and sharing its diversity, history and culture with the traveling public. We will do our best to accommodate your needs within the Office of Tourism guidelines and appreciate your cooperation!

For Additional Information
The Media Relations Division
Arizona Office of Tourism
118 N. 7th Ave., Ste. 400
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: (602) 364-3700
Fax: (602) 364-3702 


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